28 May 2010

My journey home last night.

I drove home last night and it was fucking bucketing down. At the traffic lights I realised I needed petrol or would potentially have to make an awkward "Please come get me" phonecall and being a man, I thought, fuck that. So I went to the nearest Engen, drew some bucks and popped some gasoline in my car's tank.

Then the shit really hit the fan. To get home the normal way I had to make a right out of the petrol station, but because of the weather and everyone's forgetting how to drive I could not. Alas, I made a reluctant left, knowing that the simple act of going to the "other right" would cost me 15 minutes and plenty of hairy moments on my drive home. Why hairy I hear you screaming at the screen? Well, because I then have to drive past 3 additional intersections, big ones, in the pissing rain. It was like movie rain. And my lights only work on dim (setting lower than normal) and brights. I turned on the brights, I am sure people didn't like it.

I nearly got hit by a truck crossing over three lanes and during my evasive manoeuvre I nearly took out some poor idiot on a motorcycle. "Jesus", I thought, "why the fuck would you get on that two-wheeled coffin in this madness?" and the thought quickly slipped my mind, because biker got left behind and I continued home. After the additional intersections the drive went smoothly and got home in no time. Traffic out of town was horrific, I pointed and laughed at the swine caught in it! "Fucking swine!" I said.

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