29 Aug 2010

Electro, poof

That is what Howard Moon calls Vince Noir at the start of the epically funny, The Mighty Boosh Live show at Brixton Academy. One of my favourite anti-climatic moments of those splendid two and a half hours or so. Watching my dvd again recently made me pretty happy to realise, that an "electro poof" is not something I can be referred to.

Electronic music, at the right time and in the right place, can be fantastic, but very rarely is it something that makes it's way onto my playlist. There are a ton of "new rave" and electronic indie bands, and yes, I listened to some CSS, Klaxons, MGMT and Foals, but they never really stuck. I knew there were guys doing fantastic thing with electronics though, like TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear and Menomena, but overall, I was never drawn to the dancy side of indie.

Until now. Handsome Furs consists of two people. A husband and wife, kinda like my friends, The Pits (who are a lot more punk rock, but married none the less). Handsome Furs are Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, and they are catchier than frostbite in the "blinding whiteness of the Tundra". Which is ironic, because they're from Canada. Dan plays guitar for Wolf Parade - a main victim of my recent obsessive listening - and he also shares singing duties with Spencer Krug. For those of you who know Wolf Parade, he does the vocals on "The Same Ghost Every Night, This Heart's on Fire, Fine Young Cannibals and the fantastic "Yulia". He delivers the husky ying to Spencer's whiney yang.

He also happens to be a pretty good guitarist, he does all of the vocals and helps programme the drum machine. Perry is in charge of the synthesisers and also helps with the drums. I've watched a couple of their videos recently and she has to be the bounciest person, ever. They've released only two albums to date, Plague Park and Face Control. They are both fantastic.

The songs are simple, poppy and very, very catchy. The most perfect timing ever, Radio Kaliningrad just started playing. I did post it for all you lucky people this week, but you know what, I'm in a giving kind of mood, so please, if you didn't this week, listen to it now.

What a great way to end a great weekend. Some happy, bouncy music that doesn't make me want to be sick all over my precious keyboard. Handsome Furs are the real deal, they're a guitar and a synthesizer, a dude and his wife, that can make the thought of prancing around on stage, as an electro poof, bearable and extremely desirable. Come to think of it, knowing I will never be as cool as Vince Noir actually upsets me.

Damnit Sunday.
You win again.


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