19 Aug 2010

Les Savy Fav - The funnest band you've never heard of...

So I got my grubby little paws on the new album from one of my favourite indie bands. Les Savy Fav play a brand of rock and roll that might not appeal to everyone, but put it on at a party and no one will complain. I think they're phenomenal, they melt your face then croon you to sleep 10 minutes later.

That is why I am making "Root for Ruin" my album of the week. I generally just change the picture and the links, but not this time, this time I will send a shout out to the band that have succeeded in giving me aural pleasure, over and over again.

This is why they are too awesome for my lame words...



1 comment:

  1. i love your sign off, the copy aint to bad either.