13 Sep 2010

Review | Interpol - Interpol

Interpol - Interpol
I think it's quite fitting I do my first proper review on here on Interpol. Mostly because I adored their debut "Turn on the bright lights" and follow up "Antics". Unfortunately I only got into their previous effort, "Our love to admire" a little later, but I was right on time for their fourth and latest release, the self titled "Interpol".

From the album's opening "Success" it grabs you by the throat without letting go. However, it's grip isn't vicious, it soft and gentle, just like Paul Banks' gentle baritone drones. The album feels different to its predecessors, but in a very good way. The band suffered a significant loss when Carlos, the bassist, left the band. The "Memory Serves" starts and I melt. A soft and gentle tug at your throat to get you a little closer to Paul Banks and his demons. 

Of which there are many. "Lights" is possibly my favourite of the entire album, see the video here. I don't really know what to say about this, except that it may just be the best song, from a songwriting point of view, the band has ever recorded. Strong claim, but break it down to the song's nuts and bolts and it has it all. It's phenomenal.

"Summer Well" is what I consider the most "old Interpol" sounding track on the album. The slow build up, the frantic, yet controlled break out and Banks' extended wails that guide the pounding bass line and hypnotic drums. The album gently pushes you away, but it's allowed to, because it makes you feel safe enough that it will reel you back in. Barricades is "full speed, half blind, full tilt, declined" and will have you tapping your feet more than a Filipino Box Spring Hog.

The album carries on growing through "Always Malaise (The Man I Am)", "Safe Without", and "Try It Out" and the whole time you will sense something is coming. "All of The Ways" is a big sounding slow ballad, it could end the album, but this album is crafted far too beautifully for that to happen.

"The Undoing" does exactly the opposite of what it says. It ties this marvellous effort together. All in all I think this has a very good shout at album of the year and I highly recommend it for Interpol fans and non-believers alike. 


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