26 Sep 2010

One plus one equals duo

This weekend I finally watched the documentary film, "It Might Get Loud". It's a documentary that gets the opinion of  three very influential guitarists on the greatest invention since the wheel, the electric guitar. You know by now that The Edge from U2, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and the brains behind The White Stripes, Jack White, are the three dudes that sit around talking axes.

I was a little sceptical at first, because I have to be honest, there are very few things I dislike as much as U2. Although the Edge brought some neat ideas to the table, Jimmy Page plays "Whole Lotta Love" and the Edge and White try and fail to look cool while admiring the master's magic while he smashes the table that The Edge filled with effects. I must admit though, Jack White is the highlight of the movie and all rock and roll fans need to watch it. Soon. But that led to this post, I put the White Stripes on and wondered, rock and roll duos. Who are my favourite three?

I can't pick a favourite, so in no particular order:

The White Stripes - Everyone knows them, a lot of people love them and it's really not hard to. The endearing duo of Jack and Meg White produce catchy, angry and energy filled records for us to enjoy. Big guitar riffs, face melting solos and primal drumming are the essence of the White Stripes and I know I said I don't have a favourite, but just because Jack White has the coolest guitars around, I think I have to get off the fence and call them my favourite of these three duos.

The Black Keys - Another band that has recently become more well-known, thanks in no small part to their lastest album, "Brothers". Although it's still not grown on me as much as the phenomenal "Rubber Factory" and "The Big Come Up", The Black Keys play a stripped down, big sounding brand of old school blues and rock and roll. Dan Auerbach makes his guitar cry, he plays with all of his soul. If Jack White brings the bourbon, Auerbach provides the scotch.

Two Gallants - A little more unknown than either of the previous bands, the Gallants shouldn't be overlooked. Crafting epic tales of travelling, heartbreak and anger in the most beautiful manner, Two Gallants will steal your heart. Perfect melodies, cleverly crafted songs and a very talented storyteller howling the vocals as if his life depended on it ensures that Two Gallants are a must hear for all fans of rock and roll.

Those are my three favourite rock and roll duos, and make no bones, I love music obscure and arty as well, but in the end it all comes down to rock and roll in its most honest and vulnerable. After all, a set of drums and an electric guitar is all that you really need.


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