10 Oct 2010


We just got back from Rocking the Daisies and I figured, let me write this before catching up on my sleep and generally recovering. I was lucky enough to win some VIP tickets and accommodation thanks to José Cuervo and we took full advantage of margaritas, Cuervo black shots and the stretchers provided by the Kreef Hotel. So, let me begin by saying, I loved the weekend, overall it was fantastic, it was no Ramfest, but I had a fantastic time.

Friday we arrived, headed to the Cuervo deck, slammed some shots and made our way to hook up with our mates. Friday night's line up was mediocre at best with New Young Pony Club headlining and I think I speak for everyone when I say that their drummer was by far the best part of the show.

Saturday we watched some comedy, Rob van Vuuren, Paul Snodgrass and Melt Sieberhagen had our hungover asses in stitches. In the afternoon I had my turn at hosting a party on the Cuervo deck, which was gate crashed by some celebs which I will not name, the margaritas flowed, the shots sunk and our batteries recharged for what was the highlight of the weekend, Boo! and Springbok Nude Girls playing back to back. They didn't disappoint. I did however lose my hoody during the Nudies finale of "Bubblegum on my Boots", but I figured, one hoody sacrificed to the festival keepers is fair game.

I will say that the general camping areas bogs smelt like the shit they contained by Saturday afternoon, something the Rocking the Daisies crew have to solve. As I mentioned, the lineup wasn't great and besides Boo! and SNG, Joshua Grierson was to my taste the highlight. I loved his show first thing on Saturday morning and if you've not seen him, go. Now.

Thanks for a great time Rocking the Daisies and to the bitch who slapped me mid-stroll, get stuffed douchebag.


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