19 Nov 2010

The end of a mighty long week

It's Friday, I'm exhausted and there are 15 minutes left of work for the week. It's been a crazy week, but luckily I have a delightful weekend to look forward to. However, I fear that a deciding factor of my fun levels this evening is just around the corner. Have you ever noticed how your drive home on a Friday dictates the mood you're in on a Friday night? For me it often lasts the entire damn night.

If I have a bad drive home, you know, getting cut off by some schmuck in his expensive car or some jackass driving 50 on the freeway, I get home and need to waste 30 minutes of MY weekend to relax, unwind and refocus myself.

I find listening to good music, which is the norm in my car, helps make best of the lunacy on Cape Town's roads, but just in case, here's my message to all the motorists heading into town around 18:00 via De Waal Drive.

Please don't drive like a doos. Indicate when you change lanes. Give me a gap if I need it. And to the taxis, take a break china, go have a smoke or put some petrol in your vehicle, because I don't want to see you.

I have the BLK JKS to look forward to tomorrow and I would hate to have any bad vibrations this weekend, so let's get it right from the start guys. 

Clear the way bitches, Rick's coming home.


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