3 Dec 2010

Where do you find your music?

Finding new music, music that will remain on your playlist for a substantial amount of time, is difficult. I know that it is, which is why I generally tend to go backwards to help me move forward. I will obsessively research a band's influences, friends and touring partners to try and find that one nugget that will remain when the rest of the mediocrity has settled.

And trust me, there is a lot of mediocrity out there, but I have said it before, for every band you hear on the radio, there are three better alternatives you've never heard of. I wish people would take more note of those bands. The bands that do it with integrity, the bands that don't cut their hair and tone down their angst levels.

This had me wondering, how do you find your music? I can't say the radio is a resource I use, in fact, besides for the "famous" disc jockeys, I wouldn't be able to name five others. This does not bother me. I don't remember the last time that the radio played and I stopped to ask, "wait, what is this I am listening to?" Okay, I have asked that, but for all the wrong reasons.

The fact that the internet has brought all of this wonderful music right to my doorstep, although South African Concert organisers have yet to manage this, I can't help feeling that I may be missing a trick. I listen to recommendations from people, with varying degrees of success, so if you think I am missing out on anything, drop me a comment and hopefully you can help me find some more nuggets.



  1. Interesting question. I'm too lazy to find my own so I rely mostly on recommendations from others. Especially since I am trying to step out of my mainstream comfort zone.

  2. Then you may be in the right place. Two Gallants. Have a listen.

  3. I rely on you to find those nuggets. Thanks

  4. music.isamazing.com