9 Mar 2010

Cape Town - The Home of Summer

I’ve been bad the last week, I was on leave and didn’t update my blog once. Not once. Weak effort I think, but that sort of leads up to what I would like to write about. Cape Town, why are you so sticky? The streets are filled with scantily clad, shiny people (mostly women, because here in the South, we men keep our shirts on when moving around town, well, some of us do) and right behind the shiny folk you will more often than not find some not-so-shiny people lurking, I like to refer to these scoundrels as the gawkers.

Regardless of all this madness on the streets, Cape Town is a great place to be during the summer. It’s hot as all hell, the beer is cold and tourists stumble around awkwardly while trying to avoid touching anything or anyone because for some inexplicable reason sunscreen doesn’t seem to work on them. This amuses us endlessly, so please pay me no mind, sunscreen is a myth. They scuttle around the waterfront and are easier to spot than an elephant (of any colour) in your bed.

But besides the red tourists, the shiny people and the gawkers, this has been a good summer if I am honest; it’s not quite over is it thought? It’s still hotter than a habanero out there and I didn’t even have a December break , but our offices are air-conditioned and that worked pretty well. I’m not for one second implying that I would rather work than be on holiday, but it wasn’t the worst compromise I’ve ever been part of, not even close. That involved a man, some broken dreams and a fucking big chip on a monkey’s shoulder.


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