21 Jul 2010

Blame Canada

Over the last couple of weeks I have been delving into a music scene that is so interwoven that distinguishing individual participants is virtually impossible. I say virtually because there is one great divider between the three gentlemen I am about to enlighten you to, their voices. If you like sugary sweet, always perfect and super-produced music, this might not be for you. Just like Canada isn't for many Americans, or something.

"Stop talking about Canada you cryptic fool and give me some damn context!" Okay, okay, here it is. I am currently obsessed with Canadian indie bands involving Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer and Dan Bejar. Krug is responsible for the genius that includes Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, Mercer heads up Frog Eyes and Blackout Beach and Bejar fronts The New Pornographers and Destroyer. Together these three form Swan Lake and all of it is awesome, all of it is extremely different to anything else that you have heard.

Striking a balance between being experimental and pleasing melodies, these three combined are sublime, but I think they're even better solo. Now, I am no musical oracle (a snob is what I am accused of most), but honestly, for lovers of indie, there is at least one of these bands that you will listen to and adore. Now, I've raved about Spencer Krug in a previous post, so this time I will tell you a little more about Carey Mercer.

He's the awkward lead singer of Frog Eyes and I must say, he intrigues me. He has a very similar vocal style to one of my favourite "avant garde" bands', vocalist, David Thomas from Pere Ubu. Pere Ubu is without a doubt one of the zaniest, yet enjoyable bands I've ever encountered and The Modern Dance is firmly on my "Have to listen before you die" list. So do it. Find it, or find me and we can explore the insanity together. If Neutral Milk Hotel and Pere Ubu had a jam session, they would sound like Frog Eyes.

But back to Carey, he warbles, he shrieks, he falsettos and he croons all while doing some fantastically mental things with his guitar. I would recommend starting with Frog Eyes if you want to listen to some of Mercer's madness, his Blackout Beach is a little more unpolished, a little nastier, a little more up my street.

So to end this, screw Canadian haters, I don't know many (Canadians or haters, but I am sure they're out there), because they have some damn fine musicians that are doing something different and you know what, they're damn splendid. I'm tired of over-produced, underwhelming indie, the genre offers all the freedom in the world, yet bands all sound the same. Guys, I think you might be missing the point, but even if what you produce is shit, if you trying, you have my vote.

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  1. I produce shit on a regular basis....do I get the vote?