10 Jul 2010

Who's the Boss?

When I was younger, a lot of my old man's music sounded archaic, old fashioned and just downright lame, but as the wheels have turned, I'm starting to see things a little more clearly.

Bruce Springsteen is the Boss. His songs are rife with emotion, heartbreak and angst, an angst that I may have been too young to understand, but I get it now. He sings as if his heart might return when he puts enough emotion into his songs and from a writing perspective, well, he might just be untouchable. His understanding of melody and tempo make me want to pick up my guitar again. Keep it real Mr Boss.

One of my favourite Springsteen songs. 

Another artist I've come to admire a lot during the past two or so years is Mr Elvis Costello. With his husky voice, indecision about his accent and general disregard for album artwork, few bands stack up to what "The Other Elvis" has done. My Aim is True could be one of the best debut albums of all time and this proves it.

The strange thing is that as much as I love these bands now, I disliked them when I was younger. Mom loves Springsteen, I never did, but thanks Mom, and once again, you were right. I am starting to understand why some music is timeless and some is just pointless. I get why so many artists do what they do for many many years and some disappear into obscurity after two albums. I could try and explain it to you, but this is not the correct medium for that. Meet me for a beer somewhere, we'll talk good music, hate on shitty pop stars and nurture the bastards behind our eyes.


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