15 Dec 2010

Help me help you

The end of 2010 is nigh and as is a blogger custom, Top 10 lists will be coming in out in droves in the next few weeks. I have some time on my hands, so I thought I would bring something to the Top 10 buffet we're about to consume - the Top 10 albums of 2010.

I, however, cannot figure out in which order to place these ten records that brought my ears the most satisfaction. This is not a list of the most technically challenging / commercially successful / easiest listening albums that were released, this is simply a list of ten albums that stuck in the whirlpool between my ears.

So I want you to help me get them in an appropriate order. I do know that you may not know all of them, but this is as good a time as any to listen to something new, no? Here they are, drop me a comment with you contributions, albums you think deserve a spot on this, the holy grail of the weird, wonderful and often benignly boring online publication of mine.

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

I was in a Deerhunter space when I first heard this album, but the anticipation of its release is what got me on Deerhunter again, and it delivered. It still does. Every. Time.

The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang

I am a sucker for anything resembling Bruce Springsteen in the least. This album does, but it doesn't. Wonderful for car sized sing-a-longs.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Fire and Blood

Possibly the most pleasant surprise of the year for me because of the admiration I have for its predecessors. The EMBD are one of the most underrated bands on the planet in my opinion. This will steal your heart, if it has a little punk in it.

The Black Keys - Brothers

At first I struggled with this album, but it's soulful crooning soon took hold and now this on constant rotation. Dan Auerbach is the man.

Interpol - Interpol

For making that slow, dark records that I've always wanted them to make. It's not haunting as such, but Paul Banks' songwriting and vocal delivery on this album makes the hair on your neck stand up occassionally.

The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards

The supergroup's second album in a year is easier to digest than the first one. It's filthy, bluesy and with Alison Mossheart, from The Kills, on vocals, this fits just the right way.

Liars - Sisterworld

The noisy trio of indie kids returns with another fresh sounding album that had me captivated from the first chorus of the first single, Scissor.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

The family friendly indie troop from Canada knocked it out of the park on all sorts of fronts with their latest release.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis

A more calculated (intentional pun) album from the mathcore (look at me genre drop as I go) masters, this is a more accessible album, but with a little bit of a sting. Will melt your face.

Les Savy Fav - Root for Ruin

A maniacal return for the weirdo kings of indie. One of the strangest, yet most endearing bands I listen to, this album just really made me fucking happy.

So there they are. Help me decide which one is best. spread the word about the voting, let's crown us a winner. After all, if you don't win, well, you lose.



1 comment:

  1. Hey dude, great list. I'm really struggling to finalise mine... But i think your albums should be in this order:

    1. Arcade Fire
    2. The Dead Weather
    3. The Black Keys
    4. Deerhunter
    5. Les Savy Fav
    6. The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
    7. Liars
    8. Interpol

    And i haven't listened to the other two albums so i can't comment on them.