30 Jan 2011

Viper Lounge's Live launch, feat The Pits and Bone Collectors...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading out of the City Bowl, which is quite rare for me, to Blouberg for Viper Lounge’s  LIVE launch. We rocked up to the venue and an actual biker bar wasn’t exactly what I expected, but, the beers were cold, you could get your paws on a boerie roll and there was rock and roll.

The two bands I want to tell you about were not only both playing with new drummers, but both sounded fantastic with their new skinslappers. Of the two acts I want to tell you about, the Pits were up first.
Sven (guitars, vocals) and Milli (bass) Duncker have been the Pits for the last year or so and until yesterday they had no drummer. Instead, they opted to use a drum machine, but last night, the Pits really became a rock and roll band. 

The added dynamic of drummer, Justin, really allowed more freedom to the band. I can’t wait for the next show, I encourage you to tag along if you like any form of rockabilly / punk / rock & roll, for some straight up, foot stomping goodness.

Straight after the Pits, The Bone Collectors took to the stage. Ah yes, the stage…quite possibly the smallest I have seen in a few years, but I am happy to report the bands used it wisely. At some point there was a saxophonist running into the crowd whilst playing a solo and the Pits guitarist was doing his thing on the floor in front of the stage occasionally.

Roland, Rob, Gawie, Ken and the new addition on drums, Gus, strutting on stage, swaggered in the lights which were apparently as hot as a “gorilla’s ballbag”. They delivered a great set and I think Gus’ introduction (to the fans there at least) was a really good one.

After the show Roland did ask me whether or not I missed the nylon string guitar, because he’s shelved it recently and instead plays two marvellous electrics. I have thought about properly and I think the nylon strings helped create a different mood on some of the slower tracks, but for the up-tempo tracks the two electrics work, brilliantly.  

Overall, I had a great time, thanks to the Viper Lounge for promoting some underrated local talent, good job to the Green Mamba girls – you nearly got me to have one of those terrifying things, and of course, last but not least, the bands for playing.

So a great day was had by all and next time these two bands play, I will let you know, and think you should come meet me there.


Ps. Sven and Milli, I wasn’t just nice because we’re friends. 


  1. HI Rick,

    Great article. I've always been big into music and with music being so easily attainable these days I found myself in a very strange and unfimilliar place, uncharted territory so to say. What do I listen to next? After months of frustration by surfing the internet daily trying to find some new inspirational, unique and creative music, the net result was 2! I had only found 1 band and 1 female vocalist. It was with these somewhat pathetic results I decided enough was enough, I've got get out there and see what the local scene has to offer. Apart from a few Blues and Wine festivals and the odd headlining act coming into Town the last time I did anything even close to this was when I was in my early 20's with the motivation of getting trashed while swinging my head from side to side to the likes of Lithium, Nudegirls, Boo etc, it was only later that I realised how much of the actual music I had missed. Little did I know at the time that some of these raw, young and extremely talented young bands would start the careers for the likes of Arno Carstens and Chris Chameleon.
    So it's with these rather fuzzy memories that this 33 year old music lover embarked on a journey into the unknown...
    Feeling rather out of place on my first night out sitting alone drinking a beer and feeling my age, I had to remind myself of my mission. BUT THEN THE MUSIC PLAYED. Nothing would have prepared me for what I've experience on this short yet action pack adventure into the local music scene. And Saturday night at Viper has just enhanced my excitement levels even more. I've been fortunate enough to see Fox Commit on a few occassion and you can see these guys know their stuff, they seem to be upping their game each time I see them and no doubt this is why they've been rewarded with an invite to Up the Creek. They have great energy and Rob has a great stage presence as does Kyle.
    The 2 bands that stood out to me was the 3 piece outfit, Red Huxley. I've always had a certain fondness of 3 piece groups, the obvious groups that come to mind are Nirvana and ZZ top. But the bottom line is that they are unique and these youngsters had an absolute jol on stage.

    The stars of the show, well in my mind at least, were The Bone Collectors. These guys were absolutely awesome, they were unquestionably raw and very energetic, I noticed how you were reaching the audiance, young and old alike. There's a great indi sound to them with a uniquely South African feel. There was a definate feel of dissapointment in the crowd when the eventualy left the stage, I could have listened to these guys all night, I enjoyed it so much. They set the tone for what was a very memorable evening in a very (very) intimate venue.

    But I cant help but feel a bit sad, not in the quality of the bands, or their creativity and energy, or anything to do with the music, but rather that 2 of the bands last night couldn't tell me where they are gigging next. I would imagine talent like this should have them lined up, well in a perfect world I suppose. So it begs the question, are these guys managed? How do they promote themselves and get their name out there? Look, Im not saying you should have organizations or labels taking the Raw indpendance out of them, heaven forbid. But surely it wouldn't harm them if there was somebody with the skills to sell them looking out for their best interest? But that's a whole topic on it's own.

    Well, regardless, I just want to thank modern technology for taking me back to where it all begins.

    Yours in Music,


  2. Oh and BIG UPS to Viper lounge, what an awesome concept!

  3. rick, i would cease to exist without your music-related articles. they keep me breathing. YO!