27 Jan 2011

Bizarro World is Ordinary

This year has started off even more bizarre than I could've imagined. Please take note, bizarre isn't bad. Well, not yet it isn't. January is in the books, and things are becoming a little weird. It might be the Captain Beefheart marathon I've been on, that might explain why everything's become slightly disjointed.

As you all know by now, Madiba is in hospital for some check ups, something that isn't all that unusual for a man aged 92. Can I just say Madiba, that if this is your time, go in peace. The inevitable media frenzy will frustrate and hopefully not ruin one of the most significant goodbyes we, as a country, will ever have to say. You did more for humanity than anyone else in history, well, you did more good.

Ons sal jou baie mis, Oom Nelson.

Something else that has tossed January into turmoil is the fact that Liverpool actually won a game, to be specific, two in a row. This makes me very happy, I am an avid supporter and I realise I have just opened myself up to a lambasting from you bastards, but I don't really care. King Kenny is back and we won two consecutive games. Baby steps.

Other than those two phenomenons, I would like to express a sincere message to all people living in two bedroom flats in the Cape Town CBD. "Please move!" This might seem almost uncalled for, but I am getting fed up with rude / uninterested estate agents, Trafalgar is particularly adept at employing pillocks.

What? Not a single rant about music? No, that first reference to the King of Weird, Captain Beefheart will do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some stuff to go and do.


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