9 Apr 2011

It's certainly been a while...

Damn, I've been terribly slack at posting recently, but it's been a strange time in my life. But good strange, as you may have guessed, like a Coen brothers movie without the wicked twist.

Here's the low down...

I've become self-employed and am loving it. Definitely the way forward, although I sometimes miss the office banter, but then I simply go outside and do whatever the hell I want and the moment passes.

I've watched a Super15 rugby match in a bar in Kleinmond, it was special. Thanks for making my dreams cone true lads, really, it was emotional and smelt like cheap deo and some broken dreams.

I had another birthday and to celebrate the Alkaline Trio decided to come and play for me at Ramfest. It was awesome.

I am not supposed to have it yet, but the new TV on the Radio, Nine Types of Light and it's a more subdued kind of aural assault. It's fantastic.

I have more time now and have finally arranged my life into some sort of order. Look out for a redesign of my blog and more regular posts.

Hello there Mr Internet, fuck, I've missed you.


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