10 Jun 2011

I tweet because I'm unhappy and I'm unhappy because I tweet.

It's very strange how my blog has become a barren wasteland in recent times, but as usual after a slight spurt of posts, none about music mind you, we're back baby! This brings me to the topic of today's discussion, do we tweet because we're unhappy and unfulfilled in our real lives? User patterns lead me to believe so.

It's weird, when I worked in an office full time, I thought about different things I guess. Now that I work from home, for myself, the whole social media-sphere isn't irrelevant, but real life just takes priority and I find it much easier to take a backseat.

What I've noticed is that Twitter's peak times are office hours, when everyone is working. This I have no problem with, my ex-employers were very good about letting us use social media during office hours and I am sure most companies have adopted the same attitude, it's a part of society now, how could they not, right?

It just fascinates me to see people posting around 6 - 10 posts per hour during the week (they are quickly unfollowed btw) during work hours. Now I realise that it takes seconds to post a tweet, but one every ten minutes, that leaves VERY little space for productivity and opens a wide door of annoyance to me, inconvenient. Not that I've become anti-Twitter, completely the opposite, but I've just noticed the patterns and thought the proper thing to do was to share it with you.

What I don't like is how real life somehow plays second fiddle to our online personas, as a good friend always introduces me, "This is RickBosch from the internet." And the fact that people respond to that tells me that social media is the perfect tool for expanding and developing our personal networks, but what about people who broadcast their comings and goings as if they're a news provider?

I am pretty bad when it comes to playing on my phone, however, telling me that you're at the Old BIscuit Mill five times in an hour is just stupid. You're not adding value to anyone's life, not even your own, even though you may think you are. Put down your phone and enjoy a coffee with your friends you anti-social bastard.

I wish I could make huge generalisations regarding this matter, oh wait, it's my blog and I can do whatever the  hell I want. I think that people who tweet EXCESSIVELY from work are either stuck in jobs they hate or in professions that are as stimulating as finding parking in Long Street or Hell.

Secondly, if you post EXCESSIVELY during your own time, maybe you should do more exciting things with your time, things that will entertain you long enough to forget about the "e-verse" that is our social networking landscape. It's just a suggestion.

No one really cares that you've just eaten a pie, unless it was off the back of a migrating wildebeest.



  1. Ah, so on the money with this one! I would totally tweet about it, but I have to go and enjoy a coffee with my sister now...

    Great piece dude!

  2. Nice one mate, glad you enjoyed it.