9 Jun 2011

What your tools say about you…

As a writer by trade, and passion (fortunately), I find myself thinking about the strangest things at the most bizarre hours. Like last night, I was all tucked up in bed and it struck me like the fright I get every single day when the Noon Gun goes off. (I am not new to the Noon Gun; I’ve just moved a LOT closer to it, gets me every. single. day.) So I was thinking last night, what do the tools you use for your technological fix say about you?

Actually, that’s not exactly what I thought, I thought this. (patience please)

There are two kinds of writers. Those with laptops and those who prefer desktop machines. This is where my dilemma struck, because I have both, and I use both. I thought to myself, “pick one, pick a favourite, get off the fence.” Alas, I could not.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few laptop kind of writers that I’ve seen on the telly. That girl who looks like a horse uses a laptop to do her writing on Sex and the City and I believe the bastard responsible for “XOXO” becoming a socially acceptable phrase also uses one. I can’t think of any others right now, but as you can see, we’re not off to a good start.

Now for the desktop, the old school I believe. Ugh, not much better here to be honest, the one glimmering light is Jerry’s first generation personal computer, which I don’t recall seeing any of the characters use in any of the series, wait, maybe once, vaguely. Ray from Everybody Loves Raymond (kakkest title for a show EVER, for obvious reasons) uses one too, and in an instant all of Jerry's progressive thinking is erased. 


So it seems I only have a horse-face, an uppity schmuck, Ray “I have the weirdest voice ever” Romano or Jerry Seinfeld to relate to television characters, pretty damn wild, but help me out can you think of any others?

Speaking of strange, no idea where this post came from, but it seemed important.



  1. Hank Moody - Laptop. I'm surprised you missed this one.

  2. Hank Moody doens't write shit in the first three seasons. Fuckign and Punching is written by typewriter, because he's old school and a masochistic bastard. And we love him for it.

  3. He types his blog for Hell A magazine from the Apple store on a laptop....I hate you geeks! Nice post I chuckled out loud. I think you should write on a typewriter and then scan your work in once it's finished. ;)