21 Feb 2012

The solution to everything

Now, I realise that it's a massive statement to make, but considering the size and irrelevance of this here blog, I find the scale of my sweeping statements severely declined, almost palatable. The solution to the world's problems is hate. Now hear me out, not just general disregard and hatred for everything, but I believe that loathing for the right things will help.

If everyone starts disliking crap films, television shows, and movies, the overall standard of entertainment will surely increase. It's science, I don't make the rules. Humanity is extremely stupid and mediocrity is celebrated far too often for my liking. Now I am not saying I'm above all of this, some of my guilty pleasures include some of the worst television shows and films, possibly ever made. I perpetuate the problem, to an extent.

I look around me and I think I am correct when I say that the most celebrated thing on the planet is, in fact, mediocrity. It makes me sad, it fills me with rage, at the same time. I am not claiming for a single second that I am the authority on what is mediocre and what isn't, I am merely pointing out that it should not be celebrated.

When did it become okay to just "get by"? When did we all decide that supporting the bullshit is worth our time and effort? Don't conform simply because it's "there." Grow a spine, take a stand, hate what you can.  It's what the world needs.

We're not only filling the planet with our waste, and babies, but we're losing sight of the good stuff at the same time. Supply is directly related to demand and if the world demands more stupid, it's what we'll get. So even if you only avoid one piece of stupid today, you'll have done a good thing. Then tomorrow, avoid another bit of idiocy, and hopefully it will snowball into a massive ball of hate, for the right things.

That ball of hate will spread across the globe and we can all dislike stupidity and mediocrity in unison, and I am positive that it would result in everyone being really happy, and everything being good. Who says hate is bad? Fools, that's who.


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