19 Mar 2012

Heaven on earth, Hell on Wheels.

Hell on Wheels - One Ros
As far as music I listen to goes, most of it isn’t exceptionally rare, however, the band I have for you today most certainly is. If you like your indie with a hint of pop, then keep on reading. Hell on Wheels are a four piece outfit from Sweden who make some of the poppiest, whilst edgy, albums I’ve heard.

I first got into them in the UK when a mate handed me their album “Oh My God! What Have I Done?” I was instantly hooked and immediately set about acquiring the other two albums which they had released at the time. 

“The Odd Church” and “There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On” are as good as the first and because they’re so damn obscure, I often forget about the band, but upon their rediscovery this weekend, it’s as if they never left. (I also remember we emailed them asking them to come play in London for us, and I think that they only wanted us to pay for their travel and accommodation for a show in a mate's lounge in Bermondsey, what a great band.)

They make happy, infectious pop rock reminiscent of Guided By Voices, Superchunk and the like. Their lyrics, which are in English, albeit bizarrely structured on occasion, always resonate and with lines like “discussing the way I kiss is, none of your fucking business,” they will continue to enjoy my attention.

They’re my happy band, they provide me with a smile, and a spring in my step. The sun’s out, there’s no wind and Hell on Wheels certainly provides a wonderful soundtrack to these summer days. The only problem with their music is actually finding it. And I’m not joking, this shit is more elusive than a parking spot in Cape Town’s CBD.

Here are a couple of tracks I could find for you, I hope you like them, because I sure do.
They’re all from their MySpace page, so have a listen, if you’re into American indie rock from the 90s, I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy this.

I will leave you with one of my favourite lyrics of theirs…

“Well if I got a dollar to spit in your eye, I would take that dollar bill and I would drink so much that it could kill me, because it’s sin, because it’s my nature” – The Soda.

Check our their MySpace page, it has all their tracks, here are some, you know, just to taste...


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