23 Apr 2012

When the world surprises you…

I will be the first to admit, I’m a bit of a hater. I don’t like the idea of agreeing with something, “just because.” I like thinking for myself, I like calling things I don’t like “shit” and so on, and so forth. However, this post is not about anything I don’t like, in fact, it’s a happy post. A post about six things which have surprised me in 2012, now remember, I choose to focus on the simple things.

We take too many things for granted, so here (without any promise of a little hating in there somewhere) are my six biggest surprises of 2012.

My first Cape Town autumn. Bizarrely during the five years I’ve lived in Cape Town, I’ve experienced two seasons. Scorching summers, and cold, wet, stormy winters, but this year is different. There’s sunshine to keep the cold away just long enough for me to appreciate the gentle autumn chill in the air.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played for us, in Wynberg. As if one of my favourite indie acts touring SA isn’t enough, we went to watch them in Wynberg. We were followed by bergies, strolled through the Southern Suburbs and got to see a world class live show. Epic night, epic show, and considering how short the notice was, it was a very pleasant surprise.

VETO. Now I am sure if you follow me on Twitter you would’ve read something about these guys during the past few months. They’ve released a few albums and an EP, and every single song is awesome. I’m not kidding, it’s been a long time since a band had me hooked so quickly. Thanks Alex, I owe you one.

WebAfrica – Once again I have Alex (and Dale) to thank for this one. I was with another service provider and thinking all is well, until I heard of WebAfrica. Not only is my internet connection faster now, but I can also monitor my usage and in so doing avoid be shaped on my uncapped line. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a R100 cheaper than the exact same package I had with my original ISP? They’re a local company, and if you’re looking for an ISP to get you connected quickly, easily and cheaply, I can’t speak highly enough of these guys. Thanks fellas.

How much I’ve learnt about fashion. This is quite a strange surprise, but considering my designer girlfriend and much of my professional work being about fashion, I’ve picked things up. I know the differences between fabrics, I know why melange is all weird looking and what a high-low dress is. Not particularly useful on boys nights, but as I said, SURPRISE!

Finally, our flat. If you've been to our place, you will know that it's old, and cold and awesome. We love our home and that's quite surprising for us, because we've been moving every year since moving to Cape Town. I'm surprised we won't be moving again this year, and the thought of another winter with a fireplace makes me very, very happy. 

So those are my six biggest surprises so far of 2012. I hope the following eight months will be equally surprising and rewarding. I’m definitely not used to such positive posting, but I think I like. I hope you like reading it, and if you did, I may even be able to add a number seven to the list. Not bad at all, considering I don’t like surprises. 

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